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Shark Fishing

Hilton Head Island shark fishing

The waters surrounding Hilton Head Island conceal more than 15 different species of sharks.
Bull, Tiger, Black Tip, Lemon, and Hammerheads are always hunting along the ledges of Port Royal Sound, just waiting for a angler's baited line and chum to hit the water.
One Shark Trip on the Polecat, and you'll never swim with the bait fish on the beach again!


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Charter fishing trips are usually booked for 3, 4, 6 or 8 hour trips.  Fishing rates are $135 per hour for up to 6 passengers (charter rates may change with fuel prices).

Evening 2-hour shark fishing trip: $250.

Dolphin tours and other scenic trips for 4 to 6 people are $40 per adult and $15 per child for a two hour cruise.