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Giant Sharks Are Here!

This time of year is a great time to catch the large sharks around Hilton Head Island. As the summer heats up the water you can expect to see large Tiger sharks, Lemon sharks, Black Tip shark and Hammerhead sharks. 

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Shark caught off of Hilton Head Island

Spring is in the air...and the water!

A great catch by a Polecat Charter customer!

Spring is here on Hilton Head Island and so are the fish. Inshore fishing heats up with red fish, flounder and sea trout in the shallows.

Everyone looks forward to May and the cobia returning to Port Royal Sound. Ranging from 30 -75+ pounds these sports fish put up a great fight!

Shark fishing is abundant this time of year as well. These are just a few reasons we look forward to the spring fishing each year.

Bottom fishing heating up in colder weather.

A boy with a sheepshead fish on Hilton Head Island

Sheepshead, Grouper, Snapper, Triggerfish and Black Seabass are biting great this time of year. The Sheapshead are moving to the near shore reefs as well as the Black Seabass for light tackle action. Grouper,Snapper,Triggerfish are also moving closer in. Great time to wet a line!

The Tarpon are Here!!


The tarpon are here!! So are the sharks! Tigers, hammerheads, lemons, and black tips are all being caught. Spanish mackerel and the blue fish are biting too!!